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The e-marketing tools below are from Marlon Sanders.

Marlon Sanders is an interesting fellow. A visit to his web site will show you he is a no-frills, opinionated, in-your-face kind of guy. You either feel comfortable with that manner of doing business or you don't.

But beyond his aggressive and larger than life nature, you will find an abundance of business anecdotes, and behind those anecdotes, some extremely well-thought out marketing strategies. His years of copywriting experience can help you to hone your skills as a copywriter and help you to get a jump on your competition. His courseware is all available in electronic format, so you can literally purchase it and download it within seconds — no waiting.

His materials include a sizeable text called The Amazing Formula as well as a number of "free" bonus books (including the fascinating 160 page Twister Marketing book) which further expound upon his theories and past experiences. It's a lot of material, and most people will most likely not read it cover to cover. That means that for those of you who do read it and apply it will be one step ahead of the others. To learn more about The Amazing Formula, click on the link below.

Marlon Sanders is my secret weapon! I turn to him whenever I need help. In the fourth quarter of 1996, his deft advice helped me generate $38,000 in sales.

Jonathan Mizel
Publisher, The Online Marketing Letter
Boulder, CO

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  • The Amazing FormulaThe Amazing Formula — Discover the amazing formula that sells products like crazy. Works for all types of businesses. Over 100 pages of testimonials proves the effectiveness of this formula. Covers both online and offline marketing. Get instant access and start right away.

    "I just discovered Marlon Sanders’ The Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy. This carefully constructed, gem-packed e-book is the first common sense, how-to system on web-based product marketing I’ve seen yet. And believe me, with all those spam e-mails coming across my desktop, I’ve become an expert on what doesn’t get it done for me!

    First off, Marlon makes no assumptions about his reader’s online sales know-how. And he offers no guarantee that his system will make anybody millions from selling products on the web. What he does produce is good, solid guidance (and there’s plenty of it) on cutting through all the crap and getting down to business on the Internet. It’s a “roll up your sleeves and do it” system that’s worked for others in the same boat I’m in. If I follow the formula, I’ll increase my odds for success. With a money-back guarantee. That’s all anybody could ask for!"

    Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D


  • Associate Program Marketing HandbookAssociate Program Marketing Handbook — You’re online. Where do you want to go? How do you get there? What do you need? Well, the King of the Click-Throughs, has delivered again. The Associate Program Marketing Handbook is an up-to-date toolbox crammed with 25 closely linked techniques for building and promoting your associate programs. It’s about drawing your customers to your site with the right “bait.” It’s about getting the most from free or low-cost services, advertising, and classified ads. Getting the word out about your product through reports and e-books, and maximizing your money machine through search engines, piggybacking on media events, and cashing in with techniques like the Swish Banner method. When all is said and done, it’s about converting click-throughs to cash. You study what works, you fine-tune, and you adjust.

  • Gimme My Money Now!Gimme My Money Now! — Exactly how to create products fast, and roll them out successfully via simple two-page web sites. Marlon Sanders has created an entire system creating and rolling out products via simple two-page web sites. He has rolled out a number of products successfully in almost "cookie cutter" fashion. He has this thing down to a virtual science. He has cut out every single ounce of fat, tested it, perfected it. Here is what you'll learn:

    • How to set up autoresponders that confirm orders automatically and follow up with your customers.
    • Why you don't need to pay 50 bucks a month for a merchant software lease. Several reputable merchant accounts you can set up for around $300 upfront, and a 10 buck a month statement fee. Save literally hundreds or thousands in annual fees.
    • An actual example of product testing method that tells you which one of your ideas is the likely winner.
    • Why you should never, ever, market a product before doing product testing.
    • Instructions on the only marketing method you need to start with. You can screw around with search engines, FFA's and all that other stuff. But if you want serious traffic FAST, without spending money on advertising, this is the way to go.
    • Step-by-step system for writing your Killer Sales Letter, including actual template wording you can use in your own sales letters.


  • Automate Your Web BusinessAutomate Your Web Business — At last there is a way to automate the key aspects of your business. Now, with the right inside knowledge, you can take orders, send out autoresponder messages to people who buy, track all your ads, and send out special limited-time offers that really are limited! Get ready to sell! When you free up your time through web automation you’ll be able to focus on what’s really important — marketing your product.


  • How To Create Your Own ProductsCreate Your Own Products in a Flash — If you want to make the really good money selling online, let me give you a secret . . . Create your own product. It is now possible to do this even if you:

    • Don't have expertise in a field
    • Aren't very good at writing

    When you have your own product, you can launch your own associate program and have hundreds or potentially thousands of other resellers all promoting your product on their web site for you. To date, you have probably not created your own information product because you feel you aren't an expert at anything. And you aren't good at writing. Now, these obstacles no longer have to hold you back. Marlon Sander's e-book that shows you simple, proven ways to get around these obstacles and have your own product to sell in a flash. It reveals a tested, proven, step-by-step system that has worked for a number of people. And while it may not work 100% of the time for everyone (intelligence and ability do help!), it is backed by an ironclad moneyback guarantee.


  • The Ultimate Beginners GuideUltimate Beginners Guide — If you're a computer beginner or relative novice, here's a book that will be of great help to you. Here, in a richly illustrated, step-by-step series of tutorials, the secrets of getting started are unlocked for “newbies” everywhere. Those who have never even been on the Internet before will find the information valuable.

    True to form, Marlon packs a lot of punch in the pages of this book. Each lesson smoothly unfolds in a way that builds steadily on the previous one. Starting with the fundamentals of downloading, storing, and retrieving files, readers are walked through the operational mechanics of computing in a way I haven’t seen equalled anywhere else. And there’s plenty more. The guide shows users how to apply what they’ve learned to find, download, and install free tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader and MP3 players for accessing the rich abundance of media on the web.

    From there, we’re given a thorough tutorial on setting up a messaging system for sending e-mail with file attachments. (Don’t worry. Marlon knows this is new ground for his readers, and he takes the time to fully explain, in plain English, the “technical” terms associated with the operational concepts he introduces.) Before long, we’re learning how to protect our new-found storehouse of web information by installing anti-virus programs; we’re moving folders and organizing our files; and we’re taking advantage of time-saving productivity hints like copying, cutting, and pasting information from one location to another.

    The momentum just builds and builds. By the time we reach the end of this ultimate guide, we’re learning how to maximize our workspace by resizing windows, how to move information from source to destination by performing file transfers, and how to automatically launch the programs we need to run immediately after we boot up our computer! These are the “bread-and-butter” techniques even the most advanced “power users” had to master when they got started.

    The refreshing thing about Marlon’s approach here is that it’s simple, no-frills instruction. Using a vast collection of screen captures, visual pointers, and click-and-learn steps and reminders, his ultimate guide treats readers to a virtually error-proof tour of the power and potential that web-based computing offers for the taking. Beginners now have all the how-to help they need to start reaping the harvest!


  • Amazing Formula BootcampThe Big Course — If you've read and appreciated Marlon Sanders' Amazing Formula book, then you're going to love the next step. The Big Course is the gospel for all Sanders students and protégés, where he goes into detail on all the different parts of the formula. For example, in the HTM (Hungry Target Market) step in the Amazing Formula book, Sanders talks about selecting your HTM. But in the course, he goes into much greater detail about how to select your target market. He gives you tricks, secrets and shortcuts that can cut your learning curve by years. Here is what I'm going to reveal:

    • In-depth information on how to target a market.
    • New ways to do your research and find products to promote.
    • How to test your product ideas.
    • In-depth insight into creating your KSL (Killer Sales Letter).
    • How to create your own products in a flash.
    • Secrets of generating prospects and making sales.

    You must have bought Amazing Formula before you can purchase this course.

    "Now you can have my brain in a box!"

    Marlon Sanders

  • Amazing Ad Copy SecretsAmazing Ad Copy Secrets — Find out how you really get people to buy. Create ad copy that sells like crazy. Tested, proven step-by-step formula based on the inside secrets of a real sales pro. A specific, detailed system that flat out works. Like no other web marketing “how-to” book, Marlon’s Amazing Ad Copy Secrets gets you inside the head of your customer. And then keeps you there. When you finish this e-book of success strategies, you’ll understand more clearly and precisely that it’s all about value creation. The essence of your business is selling ideas to your customers. End results. Benefits. And these Amazing Ad Copy Secrets show you, step by eye-opening step, how to do it better and smarter than you’ve been doing it up to now. To find out about this new template system for your sales information, website and ad copy, read this e-book.


  • Push Button SaleslettersPush Button Letters — Software that lets you fill-in-the-blanks, click a button, and poof! You have an instant sales letter for your product or service. You get a sales letter nicely formatted on a web page when you're finished. Just polish it up some, link it to your order form and you're off and running.

  • "In Push Button Salesletters, Marlon Sanders has taken a sometimes complex process and simplified it for the potential marketer. Using the formula he has developed, Sanders takes the reader by hand and leads him, or her, step by step through the process of writing a sales letter. This software contains a point by point method that is clear not only to the experienced but also to beginners. You truly do not have to be familiar with selling tactics. Sanders has already completed this legwork for you.

    I am not an organized writer. In fact, my writings can be quite chaotic. The outline method combined with question and answer fill-in-the-blanks in this software was invaluable. Not only is it easy to follow, it was also a massive time-saver. Collecting ones business ideas can be a monumental endeavor not to mention having the ability to present them in an effective manner. This Sales Message Generation Software does just what it promises, it generates sales messages and letters, quickly and effectively, proficiently communicating information to your client."

    Andrea Collare

  • Daily StatsDaily Stats Software — Manage your web business in a flash with the daily stats software. This software calculates crucial conversion ratios and keeps track of averages and cumulative figures. This is a management tool. You need to know all these stats on a daily basis. The software makes it easy for a virtual worker or employee to enter the data for you. The software does all the important calculations. Easy-to-use interface. Plug 'n go! — no learning curve. Risk-free one-year trial.

    "I haven't seen anything else like this. That's why I created it. It's something I needed for my own business. It goes way beyond your traffic statistics because it combines those with your sales and spits out crucial figures like conversion percentages, dollars per unique visitor and so forth."

    Marlon Sanders

  • Web Business Operations ManualWeb Business Operations Manual — It's a training manual for yourself and/or your customer service staff. It gives you a step-by-step, organized, thought-out structure and system for operating a web business. One great feature: it gives you screen captures of all important functions so it's easy for you or your staff to learn the correct procedures.

    Virtually every aspect of web business operations is covered in this manual. What has that got to do with making money on the web? Everything. You need to know the quickest and most practical ways to handle the nuts and bolts of running your site and keeping your customers happy. The value proposition here is obvious: If you don’t pay attention to the proven advice and best operational practices of an expert, you eventually may not have any customers to worry about.

    In guiding you through his daily business operations, Marlon shows you how he does it. He hands you the web resources and tips you need to operate smarter (and not harder). Using a high-impact combination of actual screen captures and step-by-step guidelines, he shows you how to generate and respond to large volumes of e-mail in the most time and keystroke-saving manner possible. You’ll find out how to easily set up a customer service program to smoothly take orders, handle complaints, and process refund requests. You’ll uncover the enormous benefits of using autoresponders to communicate with your current and potential customers. Plus, you’ll get solid, time-tested advice on how to keep track of site visitors, how to deal with spammers, and the best ways to perform overall web site maintenance.

    Once you’re armed with this enormous wealth of information to keep you web business humming, you’ll be much freer to concentrate on your product (and your profit margins).


  • How to Obtain a Flood of Dirt Cheap PublicitySecrets of Speed Publicity — If you'd like to obtain a flood of potentially dirt cheap publicity for your products, services, business, idea, web site or cause, then I've stumbled across a resource I found quite helpful. And I wanted to pass it on to you. It's a web site called prcash.com. Very simply, it shows you how to cash in with P/R. Other books and things I've seen on the topic were either too long-winded or too vague to actually use. This information is specific, practical and usable.

    T he contents of this e-book should be taught as Public Relations 101: Successful Promoting on a Shoestring Budget. It’s for anyone who is tired of spending big bucks on advertising that doesn’t translate into sales. It’s for those of us who would rather see our revenues go back into developing new products rather than having to spend a whole lot of money just to keep our name out there.

    Every turn of the page leads to another success tip you can use. Elaine brainstorms from her personal experience, and Marlon probes for deeper insights, more explanation on a key point that surfaces. The result is a practical, easy to absorb, and highly usable collection of strategies for getting your name out there to the people who can help you make more money.

    It’s all about working smarter. Elaine tells you how to maximize your publicity by getting your press releases to the right publications and editors who can increase your exposure (and your credibility) in your target market. You’ll learn how to use publicity to market on the Internet, drive traffic to your web site, put a new spin on an old product, and step up your lead flow in ways you never thought possible.


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