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The Unique Advantage of Synergy-Com Supplements, designed for nutritional supplementation of Your Nutritional Type.

Synergy-Coms are unique formulas for the following reasons:

They are produced from a culture of living organisms, much like yogurt is grown.
Each individual vitamin and mineral is grown on its own culture, under controlled conditions of temperature and moisture.
This means that each individual vitamin and mineral has all the naturally occurring proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes and lipids that are produced in the growing process.
They are not isolates of the particular item, such as Vitamin B-6 or Calcium.
They truly are organic food source products.

In order for the body to use any vitamin or mineral, it must first be combined with an amino acid, a carbohydrate, an enzyme or a lipid. This is the basic limitation of synthetic or isolated vitamins and minerals. In order for them to be utilized by the body, they must draw from the body’s reserves of amino acids, carbohydrates, enzymes or lipids, because they are isolates.

If the balance between the various components is correct, high potencies are not necessary or even desirable. The Synergy-Com formulas do not draw from the body’s reserves because those items are a naturally occurring part of their growing process and are included in their formulas. This makes them truly function as highly concentrated foods.

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Your Nutritional Type > Nutritional Profile Self Test

Nutritional Profile Self Test

Based on Your Autonomic Nervous System
(A Key Factor In Your Metabolism Type)


  • Place a check in the square to the left of each choice that best applies to you.
  • Make only one selection per category.
  • If no choice applies to you, leave that category unchecked
  • Important: The choices as written may not describe you exactly. So, it is very important that you choose the answer that best describes your tendencies. The answer doesn't need to be a perfect description, just an indication of your trend.
  • Consider letting a close friend or family member check your answers for accuracy.
  • Be as honest and accurate as you can. After all, you want to be sure to obtain the right product for your kind of metabolism. Click on the appropriate link below the test, after you have determined your type.
  • Some choices in some columns are purposefully left blank.

column 2
look older than others my age
look younger than others my age
cool, distant, aloof, loner, slow to make friends, hard to get to know
warm, open, expressive, easily make friends, approachable
weak, lacking, diminished
strong, excessive, enhanced
average appetite
chest pressure
tend to get
love warm, hot weather
do well in cold, poor in hot
doesn't matter
cold sores and/or
fever blisters
tend to get
tend to cough most every day
cracking skin
(any weather)
tend to get
tend to get
love sweets, need something sweet with meal to feel satisfied
don't really care for sweet desserts, but like something fatty or salty (like cheese, chips, or pop-corn) for snacks after meals
can take them or leave them
poor, weak, slow
good, strong, rapid
average digestion
eating before bed
usually worsens sleep, especially if heavy food
usually improves sleep
doesn't matter, but heavy snacks are not the best
eating habits
eat to live - unconcerned with food and eating
live to eat- need to eat often to feel good, be at best
average eating habits and need for food, meal times, ect.
emotional expression
hard to express feelings, not naturally demonstrative
easily express feeling
beneath surface, under control, non-emotional type, tend to hold feelings inside
wear heart on sleeve, others always know how I feel
eye moisture
tend toward dry eyes
tend toward moist or tearing eyes
facial coloring
tend toward pale, chalky
tend toward ruddy, rosy, flushed
facial complexion
tend toward dull, unclear
tend toward bright, clear
fatty food (if you like or dislike, not what you think is good for you)
don't care for it
love it, crave it, would like it often
take it or leave it
fatty food reaction
decreases energy and well-being
increases well-being
average reaction
tend to be thick, hard, strong
tend to be thin, soft, weak
4 hours without eating
doesn't bother
makes irritable, jittery, weak, farnished or depressed
feel normal hunger
tend to form easily
gum bleeding
tend to get after brushing
gum color
light, pale
dark, pink, red
hunger feelings
rarely get, passes quickly, can go long periods without eating easily
often hunger, need to eat regularly and often
when late for meals only, not between meals usually
insect bite/sting
weak reaction, disappears fast
strong, lasting reaction
itching eyes
tend to get
itching skin
tend to get
average reaction
juice or water fasting
can handle very well, feels good
fasting makes me feel awful
react O.K., can fast if necessary
meal portions
prefer small
prefer large, or if not large, need it often
orange juice alone
energizes, satisfies me
can make me light-headed, hungry, jittery, shaky, or nauseated
no ill effects
not real fond of them
could eat them almost every day, love them
take them or leave them
red meat, like a steak or roast beef meal
decreases energy and well-being
increases well-being, energy
average reaction
saliva amount
tend toward dry mouth
excessive saliva
saliva texture
tends to be thick, ropy
tends to be thin, watery
salty foods
foods often taste too salty
really love or crave salt on foods
average like for
skin healing
cuts heal slowly
cuts heal quickly
average healing time
skin moisture
tend toward dry skin
tend toward oily/moist skin
average skin moisture
skipping meals
can skip with no ill effects
must eat regularly (or often)
can get by w/o eating but really feel best eating 3 meals per day
rarely or never want to snack
want to eat between meals
sneezing (any time)
tend to sneeze every day
sour foods (vinegar or pickles or lemons or sauerkraut or yogurt)
don't care for, want or crave
really like
sometimes like
can do fairly well on
don't do well on, sweet foods can seeem too sweet
no noticeable bad effect
vegetarian meal
is satisfying
not satisfying, or bad result, become hungry soon after or feel unsatisfied
O.K., but not really satisfied
tend to get
if I eat MEAT for BREAKFAST like ham, beacon, sausage, steak, or salmon ...
I get tired, sleepy, lethargic and/or very thirsty by midmorning
I feel great, energetic, have good stamina, keeps me going without getting hungry before lunch
It's O.K., but not in large proportions
If I eat MEAT for LUNCH like hamburger, steak, roast beef or salmon...
I get tired, sleepy, lethargic and/or lose my energy in the afternoon
I feel great, energetic, have good stamina, keeps me going without getting hungry before dinner
It's O.K., but not in large proportions
if I feel low on energy...
fruit, pastry, or candy restores and gives me lasting energy; meat or fatty food makes me more tired
meat or fatty food restores my energy, fruit, pastry or candy makes me worse... quick lift followed by a crash
pretty much any food restores my energy
in a social setting I'm
introverted, shy, quiet, non-talkative
extroverted, social, expressive, easily make conversation
After you have determined your nutritional type, you can refer to the appropriate product guide for your type:


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Q: I have just taken my Nutritional Profile Metabolic Test. It recommends certain supplements from Ultra Life, Inc. Why should I use Ultra Life supplements instead of some from my local health food store or some other supplier?

A: The primary reason is because Ultra Life, Inc. is the only supplement company that produces formulas exclusively designed for the different Nutritional Types.”One size fits all” does not work in nutrition. Your optimum health can only be accomplished by using the correct supplements for your system.

Q: As long as I use good quality supplements won’t my system simply pick out what it needs and reject the rest?

A: This is, unfortunately, an all too common misconception. It is often promoted by those who either do not understand Metabolic Typing® or choose to ignore it. While it is true the body will attempt to get rid of what it cannot use, this concept is greatly misunderstood. This process requires a lot of energy expenditure. In many cases, it may require more energy to get rid of the incorrect portions than is derived from the correct portions. This means there could well be a negative energy drain on your body.

In addition, if the supplements are incorrect for that individual’s Metabolic Type®, they may actually make an existing imbalance or symptom much worse. The correct supplements will have a very positive effect on correcting the imbalance and thereby help in relieving the symptom. The correct supplements, designed for the specific Metabolic Type®, will always seek to establish balance in the individual, a vital element of optimum health.