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Lessons from the Miracle Doctors   16 Steps to Optimum Health Step #16 Step #15 Step #14 Step #13 Step #12 Step #11 Step #10 Step #9 Step #8 Step #7 Step #6 Step #5 Step #4 Step #3 Step #2 Step #1

STEP 11. Cleanse your liver and blood

A. The Problem

Our liver is the primary filter of the body. Good health is impossible without proper function of the liver. Unfortunately, over time, we so abuse it and so overtax it that illness is the inevitable result.

What harms the liver?

  • too much protein in the diet
  • too many simple carbohydrates in the diet
  • overeating
  • drug residues
  • alcohol
  • toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides
  • lack of exercise
  • liver disease (such as chronic Hepatitis C)

Our blood is filled with many impurities, including everything from an overabundance of fats and cholesterol, to toxic heavy metals. These must be removed from the blood for optimum health.

As a result of poor diet, year after year:

  • Your blood reaches the point where it can no longer remove everything you throw at it. It becomes "toxic" and thick burbling like sludge through your arteries.
  • The quality of your blood (cells and plasma) is compromised by the quality of the food you eat. How can you possibly expect to be building high-quality blood on a diet of pepperoni pizza, beer, and twinkies?

B. Program for Dealing with the Problem

As part of a program to rebuild and repair the liver, we must:

  • remove all the excess fat from the liver
  • get bile flowing freely again
  • eliminate toxic waste that our livers have filtered out
  • dissolve and pass the accumulated gall stones that are stored in our livers
  • regenerate the damaged and destroyed cells of the liver

As part of a program to correct the problems in your blood:

  • You have to do a general cleaning of the blood.
  • You have to remove all of the heavy metals and excess cholesterol.
  • You have to address the issue of blood pH.
  • You have to eat the right kinds of food and supplements so that your body can begin producing healthy blood once again.

C. General Recommendations

For the liver:

  • Liver/Gallbladder flush (5 day cleanse): Make sure it's not in the water you drink or the antiperspirant you use. Use cookware that is either stainless steel, or, if it has an aluminum core, is designed so that the food never touches the aluminum itself. (Note: never do a liver cleanse without first cleaning out the colon to provide an outlet for the toxins released by the liver.)

  • Liver rebuilding tonic: In addition fo flushing, you need to regularly partake of a liver rebuilding tonic. Such a tonic does three things. Herbs such as milk thistle stimulate the liver to rebuild itself. Picrorhiza kurooa serves to protect the liver. And herbs such as dandelion root, barberry, artichoke, and beet leaf are lipotropics that help to clean the fat out of the liver.
  • Regular consumption of fresh apple/beet juice is profoundly beneficial to the liver.

For the blood:

  • Cleansing: 2-4 times a year (even more often if ill) you need to go on an herbal cleansing of the blood. (Note: never do a blood cleanse without first cleaning out the colon to provide an outlet for the toxins released by the blood.)

  • Oral chelation: 3-4 times a year for a period of 2-3 weeks at a time, use either: cilantro pesto, malic acid tablets, or one of the low-level oral chelators on the market.

  • Alkalinize or die: Cut way back on acid-producing foods such as meat, dairy, sugar, soda pop, refined grains, etc. Add alkalinizing foods to your diet. Drink water that has been magnetized. Regularly test the pH of your saliva using pH paper available at most health food stores.

  • Fasting: When you deprive your body of food, your body begins to consume itself to survive. Being geared toward self-survival, your body chooses to consume damaged and toxic cells first, saving the healthy cells for later.

D. Recommended Products

  • Liver Flush Tea Liver Tea not only helps with the process of flushing toxins from your liver but also helps minimize any discomfort or nausea. The key herb in the tea is dandelion root, one of the strongest herbal lipotropics known. That is to say, it flushes fat deposits from the liver.

  • Liver Tincture Liver Tincture is crucial in that it contains herbs that help the liver to rebuild and regenerate itself. A secondary benefit is that it will significantly reduce the liver's release of LDL cholesterol. In addition to all of the herbs that support and cleanse the liver, this formula also contains the antiparasitic herbs Wormwood and Black walnut designed to drive virtually any parasite from your body.

  • Blood Support This formula incorporates the most powerful blood cleansers known to man and works to remove toxic residues from the blood, thus promoting optimum health, while at the same time making your blood inimical to aberrant cellular growth.

STEP 12: Optimize your immune system
(and maximize your good health).

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