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Quantum Nutrition Labs


Something that is "nano" size is unimaginably small. Nanotechnology get its name from the measurement called a nanometer — one billionth of a meter. A human hair is 75,000 nanometers wide, one nanometer is about four atoms wide. To make something via nanotechnology is to manufacture on a molecular scale — a big nano particle might be something like twenty atoms wide.

One of the ways of making nanoparticles utilizes living materials, which is what Dr. Bob Marshall is doing at Quantum Nutrition Labs. The Quantum nanization process uses a dozen strains of probiotic bacteria to pre-digest herbal tinctures. Here's how Quantum Nutrition Labs describes their manufacturing of nano-nutrition products:

The herbal complexes in the Nano tinctures have gone through a proprietary process to break down their components into "nanized" phytonutrients. This means that the berbal complex has been micro-digested into extremely small, highly bio-available particles using our special fermentation process. We use unique, potent multi-strain probiotic colonies to assist in our nanization process. This allows rapid, unmatched bio-available cellular delivery of the herbal complex's healing factors . . .

The significance of nanization is, of course, that it isn't what you consume that counts, it's what you assimilate. Quantum's pioneering nanization process looks like a major breakthrough in nutrition technology.

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Max Stress B Nano-Plex


Max Stress B Nano-Plex Truly natural B vitamins are really rare. Virtually all of them, even those in so-called "natural" formulas are synthetic. Max Stress B Nano-Plex is billed as "The world's first natural-source B vitamins, made from probiotic fermentation." These are "highly active 'living' B vitamins in their end-chain forms, delivering high cellular resonance.

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Nano-DHLA DHLA (dihydrolipoic acid) could be thought of as the king of antioxidants ("the most powerful antioxidant on Earth"). It has the unique capability of quenching every known free radical that can be found in your body, whether water-soluble or fat soluble (which is not true of alpha lipoic acid, ALA, or R-lipoic acid). Nano-DHLA is made by the same process used in making Max Stress B Nano-Plex .

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Nano-Green Tea



Nano-Green Tea  "Research conducted in the last twenty years has confirmed that green tea contains a long list of phytonutrients called polyphenols. Dr. Yukihiko Hara, noted researcher and a world authority on green tea, has found that green tea's polyphenols help promote healthy blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood fat levels. Made from organic green tea, the extremely small particle size of Quantum Nano-Green Tea means that it can be rapidly absorbed into the blood stream and readily used at the cellular level."

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Melatonin Nano-Plex


Melatonin Nano-Plex —Melatonin Nano-Plex is said to be "the world's first natural-and-live-source, fully potent melatonin." The ability of melatonin to promote natural sleep patterns is well documented.

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The Nano-Detox Series  Detoxification is something that is on-going in any human body, and these products really work. There are five products in the series, one of which is the Nano-DHLA above. The other four are:

Heavy Metal Nano-Detox



Heavy Metal Nano-Detox "Nanized" chlorella with unique, global, heavy-metal binding properties to clear whole-body heavy metal and other toxic residues.

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Gallbladder Nano-Detox — Promotes optimal liver and gallbladder health; Excellent for use 3 to 6 weeks before starting liver and gallbladder cleansing flushes; Provides unique cleansing of gallbladder meridian master points typically not cleansed by other means; Supports liver cleansing, helping to restore deep sleep.

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Liver Nano-Detox —Supports rapid pain relief; Supports the body's natural histamine process and cellular DNA repair; Promotes optimal liver and gallbladder cleansing, especially with liver and gallbladder flushes; Helps stimulate the flow of bile, aiding in fat digestion; Helps rejuvenate the liver.

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Ashitaba Nano-Detox — Ashitaba is a species of the celery family, belonging to the same genus as Angelica. It has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 2,000 years, and is a top-selling nutraceutical in Japan, known for its legendary support of the rejuvenation process.

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