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Brand: Lifestar International


Ultra B-Plex"Ultra B-Plex is an excellent resource for anyone whose life is active or stressed.  It can be used as an adjunct to multiple vitamin/mineral formulations or as a booster during periods of stress and high activity.

1. The most complete B vitamin ever grown!
2. A vitamin your body will process as food
3. A Multiple B tablet, with BioTrace, Linoleic Acid, and the most powerful proanthocyanadin group of free radical scavenging antioxidants known.
4. Take as needed in conjunction with other supplements.

"Ultra B-Plex is bioenergetically formulated in an authentically natural form.  It is 100% plant-cell grown, cultivated using a live, biodynamic growing process (in the organic farming tradition) in an organic food matrix  with its naturally occurring food and protein attachments. It contains BioTrace, the world's first and only plant-cell grown mineral and trace element complex, containing all of the naturally occurring minerals and trace elements known to exist in the food chain, including selenium It also contains and the world's only plant-cell grown proanthocyanadins from grape seeds and skins containing the most potent antioxidant free radical scavengers known today: Catechin, Quercetin, Anthocyanin and Resveratrol.

"B's work together to help your cells absorb and burn energy.  They help you convert proteins, carbohydrates and fats into fuel, and they work in your brain to help synthesize mood-controlling chemicals.  B deficiencies can manifest in muscle weakness and anything ranging from mild irritability to full-blown psychosis.  Erratic eating and heavy exercising increase the risk of B vitamin deficiencies because they burn up energy.  Prolonged illness, smoking and excessive drinking all put an increased demand on the body for B vitamins. B vitamins are also involved in the health of red blood cells, skin, hair and the nervous system.  B vitamins are not stored in the body. They must be replaced daily.

"Ultra B-Plex tablets are 100% water-soluble, vegetarian-grown, and cruelty free. Ultra B-Plex tablets contain:

1. NO sweeteners
2. NO flavorings
3. NO coloring
4. NO preservatives
5. NO fillers

Tablet coatings are plant cellulose. No shellac or other animal by-products are used. They are not mixed, blended or diluted with any USP/FCC chemical or food isolate, extract, or any other denatured or unnatural nutrient. Because they are more consistent with what the body recognizes as food, they do not need to be taken with a meal."

Where to get Ultra B-Plex:
Go to


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