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Nano-DHLADHLA (dihydrolipoic acid) could be thought of as the king of antioxidants ("the most powerful antioxidant on Earth"). It has the unique capability of quenching every known free radical that can be found in your body, whether water-soluble or fat soluble (which is not true of alpha lipoic acid, ALA, or R-lipoic acid). Nano-DHLA is made by the same process used in making Max Stress B Nano-Plex cultured in 12 strains of probiotics, the target nutrients becoming "part of the living probiotic structure, micro-digested into particle sizes so tiny they become exceptionally bio-available". Major benefits of Nano-DHLA are said to be:

  • "nerve and brain cell nourishment, protection, and rejuvenation
  • increases energy and mental focus
  • relief from fatigue and muscle aches
  • recycles other antioxidants, including CoQ-10, glutathione, and vitamins E & C"

Manufactured by Quantum Nutrition Labs via their patent-pending probiotic nano-process.

Order Nano-DHLA

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More from Quantum Nutrition Labs about Nano-DHLA:

WE DID IT - In a recent breakthrough, we were able to create a stable, fully reduced form of lipoic acid (DHLA) - derived from "once-living" sources (not typical synthetic sources). Now you can get huge amounts of exquisitely bio-available DHLA, fully active and intracellularly potent. The lab director who performed the independent laboratory assay on our DHLA expressed his surprise at the creation of DHLA in a stable form - which has never been done before.

And It Really Works - DHLA Nano-DetoxTM, the world's first stable reduced form of DHLA, is vastly superior to alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) or R lipoic acid in free radical quenching capacity - and thus can deliver more comprehensive reduction of oxidative stress for literally EVERY organ and gland, especially the brain and the nervous system. For example, DHLA can quench the superoxide anion free radical and the peroxyl radical where as ALA and R-lipoic acid cannot.

How DID we do it? In our proprietary process, DHLA Nano-DetoxTM is produced by 12 strains of beneficial probiotic organisms that pre-culture and "nanize" our nutrient sources where they become part of the living probiotic structure, micro-digested into particle sizes so tiny they become exceptionally bio-available. Just tsp. provides 50 mg of DHLA2 and 36 mg R-lipoic (> 1mg S-lipoic). Take note: there are NO OTHER direct DHLA supplements available in the world! The closest you might come is a product with 50 mg of alpha-lipoic or R-lipoic acid (usually from synthetic sources).

Fast-Acting - Excellent for even your worst cases. Many people ex perience a sense of increased energy and well being with the very first dose. Start the DHLA immune system cleanup today. Available in 2 oz glass bottles; 48 servings/bottle.

DHLA is the only known antioxidant (not ALA or R-lipoic acid) capable of quenching every known free radical found in living cells: all ROS (reactive oxygen species) and RNS (reactive nitrogen species). While ALA and R-lipoic acid forms may be helpful, they cannot compare with the free radical quenching power of DHLA, nor can they compare to the boost in metabolism and ATP synthesis of DHLA. Most, if not all sources of ALA and R-lipoic are synthetic - devoid of a "body of light" and therefore, ultimately act to downgrade cellular DNA (as shown in biophotonic research by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, a noted German biophysicist). DHLA Nano-DetoxTM, on the other hand, is not only the superior reduced form of lipoic acid (DHLA), but it is also derived from "once-living" nutrient sources (not devitalized synthetic sources).

Get ready to see dramatically increased clinical results with PRL's "once-living" whole-nutrient DHLA Nano-DetoxTM .

Order Nano-DHLA

when the new browser window opens,
press "Click Here to BROWSE CATALOG!"
then search for DHLA



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